Thursday, July 6, 2017

Artificial Mortality

Previously known as planned obsolescence, which has been a feature of mobile devices since the TI-1200. My tablet, a Google Pixel C, got dropped in the vicinity of our brick hearth, and when I find out who dropped it I'll send him to bed without his nightly wee dram.

It's not as catastrophic as what happened to my Nexus 4 phone -- I'm writing this post using the tablet -- but there are visible cracks in the touchscreen and they'll never get smaller.

So I guess in this case it's not so much planned as anticipated, like the eventual outcome of an incurable disease. I'm not contemplating buying a replacement and the last time I had a touchscreen replaced (did I mention the Nexus 4?) the operation was not a success. I still have my Nexus 9, which is slower and has less storage, but can resume some measure of its former duties if the Pixel C goes Technology Up before I win the Powerball.

But yeah, if I ever do buy another tablet it's getting a case, just like nearly every one of my phones since the Nexus 4.

Update: Well, pieces of glass are starting to come off now. I think I'll just try doing without a tablet.

'Nother update, Sunday: I would have expected tablet withdrawal pains by now, but not so much.

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