Saturday, June 17, 2017

Not on a Submarine, but About as Funny

Now that our dog is no longer around to patrol the back yard around the screened-in, covered downstairs patio where Mrs. McG's late mother's cats get their fresh air, we need to upgrade the security of said patio against foxes, coyotes, raccoons, dingoes, bobcats, orangutans and pamphleteers.

This means the cheap wooden screen doors that were installed when the patio was screened in, won't do. One of the cats loosened a corner of the soft, fabric screen and has tended to spend most of her day lounging in the back yard (after having indulged her curiosity about the front yard and I suppose some of the nearer woods).

What I'd prefer is to replace these doors with something that has a solid bottom panel so the screen's edges aren't so accessible, and actual metal screen material that would withstand the determined efforts of Kitty Houdini for more than a minute or two once she discovers the edges don't come loose.

Are these specifications readily available at some home improvement store? Not that I've found, unless I want to spend around $700 for the project. I may have to.

If it's going to be that expensive though, I might as well just install storm doors and be done with it.

Update, Tuesday: Good things happen when you ask questions. Since I was going to have to consult on possible installation anyway, I went in to Home Depot to ask preliminary questions, and walked out with a couple of these instead.

They mount with itty-bitty screws, but if Kitty Houdini looks to be getting the better of them I'll drill itty-bitty holes through the doors and use itty-bitty machine screws and nuts and wide washers to better secure the grilles.

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