Monday, May 15, 2017

Where Do You Go When the World Is Ending?

Apparently, Norway.

It’s not just Donald Trump’s volatility, or the unfitness of his cabinet appointees, or his possible collusion with Russia, or the certain prospect that everything from health care to quality education will soon be inaccessible to great numbers of Americans.

It’s that with or without Mr. Trump, America may no longer be the America that I returned to from Norway (after my girlfriend and I were unable to obtain visas) and whose blessings and opportunities eventually made it possible for me to make a career and a life.

Lefties, if Trump is that bad, the resulting damage will be global, not strictly limited to central North America. There will be no escape on that portion of continental Europe closest to North America. There will be no escape in Australia. It might not even be safe on the Moon, or on Mars, if the way you're describing him has any basis in reality.

The first thing all you bed-wetters need to do is examine your premises. You've convinced yourselves of something that millions of your countrymen don't see. It may be that they're blind, or hypnotized, but you need to consider the possibility that you're wrong.

It's what a rational person would do. And you do want us all to believe you're rational, right?


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