Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Well....... That Happened.......

I finally -- finally! -- doused myself with tick repellent and went out to the shed to get started on what I expected to be another tedious process of getting the mower up and running for another long, hot season of yard care.

Just for the hell of it I mounted up and turned the key, expecting the usual to happen, which was nothing. I'd bought a battery charger a couple of months ago on that expectation. In fact I have in recent years become so exasperated with this mower that I hate even the thought of trying to get it going in the spring. Which is why I touched it for the first time today after putting it away last fall.

Lo and behold, the mower cranked. And then it started! Wowee! Like so many preparations I make for the recurrence of bad things, the charger turned out to be more good-luck charm than actual tool.

The inner front yard has been needing attention so I headed over to get that done while the gas in the tank held out. I finished one quick turn around the edges, and the transmission gave out. Again. No power at all to either transaxle.

I hate this mower. I hate all zero-turn mowers. I hate this brand of mower.

I'm not a big fan of any mower, but if it will just do its damn job without costing me double its purchase price in repairs over just a few years, I can work with it. These ZTR mowers, though, seem to run afoul of Scott's Dictum.


  1. The punishment of achievement-- "You wanna nice lawn? Then you pay, yearly".

    the best lawn mowers, in my opinion, are still those simple two-stoke, push mowers-

    and great for exercise-

    I have an idea of your lawn (having seen some images), and I'd use a simple Pushmower

    I've mowed our lawn 3 times so far this year, using a push 'Snapper 21-inch', and a weed-eater, two days a week. And I've lost 0.00023 pounds so far~

  2. You're a fitter man than I am, LMC. I'd pay to have someone mow my place with a pushmower, as long as I don't have to pay for their health insurance.

    You know, I don't even remember anyone asking me if I wanted a nice lawn. Mrs. McG just sort of assumed...