Sunday, May 14, 2017

Two of the Seven Are Locations We Rented From

Blockbuster Video is a shadow of the forgotten past.

...except in Alaska. Seven (according to Blockbuster's website -- yes, they still have a website) out of twelve remaining U.S. stores are in Alaska, including locations on College Road in Fairbanks and North Santa Claus Lane in North Pole. When we lived in Interior Alaska there was no broadband internet, and you couldn't stream movies on dial-up. You probably still can't.

And apparently even those in Alaska who do have broadband now, 18 years later, can't afford to stream movies. And I suppose Netflix DVDs may take weeks to arrive, coming as they do by slow boat from Seattle.

In our Alaska days you rented movies on VHS tapes; we didn't even have a CD player -- actually a CD-ROM drive on a Windows 95 computer -- until 1996. Our first DVD player didn't arrive until we'd moved down here to metro Atlanta. And we did rent from a Blockbuster store (now a Verizon store) about three miles from our first Georgia home, until we signed up with Netflix and helped sign Blockbuster's death warrant.

Which apparently hasn't been carried out yet.

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