Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Talking Back to Pop Tunes, 4

Frankly, I just like the follow-up song better. Even despite the occasional bursts of atonal instrumental noise that obscure certain lyrics, I mostly understand them.

But all those decades ago when you released this first one, I couldn't make out the words at all. In fact the singing was so muddy I was never really sure what the song was even called. As a result my mind apparently misremembered it so badly that I even made up a more interesting lyrical meter than what I found today when I finally stumbled on it thanks to Youtube.

I was so sure I was going to want to buy it, as I did the later one, that I almost went ahead and did so before looking up the lyrics and listening along.

Snore. Apparently the only thing holding my attention was the mystery of what the damn thing was about. Guess what it was really saved by was its unintelligibility -- which, far from being zero, was pretty damn close to one.

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