Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pine in Recline

So I look out the window and there's a fire truck stopped in the road, athwart my driveway. I hadn't collected today's mail yet so I ambled out thataway to see what was all the brouhaha, and also bring in last year's Star Wars movie and whatever other junk had been dumped in our spiffy new mailbox that I hoped was still standing.

Turned out one of the big old pine trees near the line where our deeded home acres abut the county right-of-way, decided to take a load off its roots and lie down on the nice, comfy asphalt. The mailbox got a thrill show but had been in no danger.

By the time I got there they'd cleared the roadway and were about to head back to the fire station. They only clear the pavement itself, so there's a rather large portion of potential firewood still on county property (plus some on mine). One of the firemen assured me no one had been hurt in the fall, which is a relief.

Update, Friday morning: yesterday someone came and chainsawed the portion of the fallen tree that was on county right-of-way, and right now there's a county crew out there and it sounds like they're loading up the sawn logs for removal.

At least I hope that's what they're doing. Anyway, the part of our property affected by the tree fall is one we found in a more or less natural state and that's how I've kept it, so if they leave the rest of the tree on the private property that will be fine with me.

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