Saturday, May 13, 2017

New Toy

When I opined to Mrs. McG that it was time to replace the troublesome ZTR mower, I expected to be in for a ... discussion. But in reply to my proffer of the new tractor-style mower I thought was the best choice for the money, she said -- in effect -- "want me to come with?" So she came with, and today I finally got the front yard and field mowed.

We stayed with the same brand; the John Deeres cost more, and the reviews were disconcerting. The cutting deck is eight inches wider than the zero-turn, so the job gets done quicker. And whatever mischief this tractor is going to do hasn't happened yet, so I can approach the job with confidence I'll actually be able to do it.

It's also a higher ride, like graduating from a sedan to, say, a Bronco on a three-inch lift. That may make for some precarious moments on a part of the property I still have yet to do.

But unlike the ZTR or the used Craftsman mower the ZTR replaced, the new tractor can operate powered attachments. When we move to Wyoming the snow-clearing attachment will come in handy.


  1. The ground in the field is so rough that Google Fit credited me with more than an hour of walking yesterday while I was mowing.

  2. A second look at Fit's assessment of that day now shows it thought I spent about 45 minutes biking. It has access to my GPS so the tractor's speed must have resembled a bicycle more than shank's mare.