Thursday, May 11, 2017

Getting It Is Better than Having It. Or Throwing It.

Ever since I got my first Android device -- a 2012-model Nexus 7 tablet, on sale at Walmart about the time the more advanced 2013 models were released -- I've scorned the Google Fit app that has been pre-installed on, if not that one, every one I've acquired since.

But now that Mrs. McG and I are shelling out perfectly good money for our YMCA memberships, which include the use of a fitness activity tracking app, it occurred to me just today that Fit might be a halfway decent, uh, adjunct. It effectively turns my phone into a pedometer so that I get credit for things like wheeling the trash barrel out to the road, or checking the mail.

In the olden days when the mailman brought the day's junk mail and bills right to the doorstep, that wouldn't amount to anything, but I logged nearly 500 steps just going out there and back. It was as much distance as I'd logged using the YMCA walking track last week after Dan wore me out having me use the resistance machines. Though a couple of days prior, before his brutality, I'd managed more than half a mile.

It may help motivate me to walk out to the mailbox more frequently, and make me more likely to get my saddle sores to the actual Y for the other kinds of exercise. Meanwhile my activity log for this week has been rescued from being entirely blank.

Just the other day Mrs. McG was lamenting not knowing where her pedometer was. It didn't occur to me then to tell her her phone could be her pedometer.

Update, next afternoon: the above was merely an estimate, so today I checked more closely as I brought the trash barrel back to the house. There and back again was 440 steps. What that translates into in miles is anybody's guess but mine is, between one-sixth and one-fifth of a mile. If I walk to the mailbox every day that's a mile a week.

Gotta log that.

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