Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fifteen Years to the Minute

On May 3, 2002, I sat down in front of a Windows 98 desktop computer in what I came to refer to as Castle McGehee -- a three-bedroom house on just under an acre in a residential subdivision not all that far from the present home acres -- and posted this, the first post to my first blog:

Middle East

Even as it’s being decided there’s no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11, that question becomes increasingly unnecessary. After all, he was offering Palestinian human-bomb terrorists an inducement, in the form of $25,000 to their families, and now we have some idea where this money was coming from.

Let’s face it—if the Bush Doctrine is to have any meaning beyond high poll numbers for Dubya, Saddam Hussein needs to go down. So do the theocrats in Iran, who are increasingly facing a restive populace, not excluding their own most respected clergy. And let’s not forget the pampered princes of petroleum who preside over the Arabian occupied territories from their palaces in Riyadh.

As for Old Stinky (more charitably known as Yasser Arafat), with one of his top lieutenants dropping a dime on him to Shin Bet, his fall ought to be accelerating presently, even without the Bush Administration onboard. Joel Mowbray’s piece at starts out sounding like a criticism of Israel, and there’s criticism aplenty for Israeli tactics that might not be up to snuff from our rarefied perspective (a perspective not yet coarsened despite 9/11), but he lays most of the blame on Old Stinky and his henchmen. There’s a lot to be said for some UN culpability there too.

 At the time I was using Blogger, hosted on Blogspot (I later removed it to my own hosted domain which, at the time, was, so I've come full circle. In between times I self-hosted using Movable Type and Expression Engine, and then Wordpress.

These days I'm using Blogger because the main reason I want to keep the domain now is for my email address, for which I don't need website hosting or FTP access.

Not all of the links in the piece still work (let alone the opinions). The surprise is that most still do.

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