Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Very Brief Experiment

Blogger™ users have the option of using their Google+ profile instead of the more limited Blogger profile. There's also the option of using Google+ for comments. I detect a lingering twitch of hope by Google that the + might still become the platform of choice for us content-generatin' types.

One upside to linking the blog to G+ is that I can auto-share new posts from here to the other platform. The downside is that my preferred compact handle -- McG -- would no longer be an option (unless I choose to make it my entire Google identity, which I'm not sure I could anyway).

As for Google+ as a comment platform, the sorting options are "Best" or "Newest." I've always preferred "Oldest." What with being a fart of the not-so-fresh variety myself...

I learned all this by trying it out this morning. You'll notice everything is back the way it was now.

Update, May 27: Having renamed the blog to include the "McG" moniker in the title, I've decided to go ahead and use the G+ profile. Still not using G+ comments, though.

'Nother update, June 17: I've reverted to the Blogger profile and deleted the Google+ profile. When Google asked why, I told them they need to put G+ out of its misery.

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