Thursday, April 6, 2017


What ultimately serves to keep me off social media turns out mainly to be the omnipresence of scolds.

My block list when I was on Twitter was never less than twice as long as the list of people I allowed to follow me. Way too many of the blocked accounts struck me as devoting too much energy to nagging people into opinion conformity. If it wasn't liberals peeved at the idea heath care is a transaction, not a right, it was Trumpers accusing anyone not slobbering over Trump of slobbering over Hillary instead (I'm neither a toddler nor senile, so I choose not to slobber at all).

Nor has the end of the 2016 campaign led to abatement of the problem. Since non-protected Twitter timelines are available to people without accounts I can still look in once in a while, and even people I like are prone to letting the scold rear its ugly head now and then.

Bossy third-graders ceased appealing to me for social interaction when fourth grade was still months away.

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