Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Background Image

Last week a perfect storm of webcam quality, subject matter, weather conditions and light quality conspired to create the image currently serving as this site's background image.

This view is looking southward along Interstate 25 in southern Platte County, Wyoming, a couple of miles north of the town of Chugwater. If you click that link you'll learn of Chugwater's role in the history of Wyoming's instantly recognizable bucking bronc emblem (featured here) that has appeared on the state's license plates since 1935.

Chugwater has been without an operating gas station since 2012, when a vehicle crash resulted in a fire at Horton's Corner, the only gas station along I-25 between Cheyenne (nearest gas, 41 miles) and Wheatland (25 miles). In the past year there has been an effort to build and open a new gas station on the same site, but the projected opening date has come and gone and its Google Plus profile hasn't been updated since last fall.

(By the way, notice how much that page looks like Facebook? Did Google do that?)

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