Friday, April 14, 2017

If You're Sober, Drive Like It

That, my only-half-joking advice to local drivers who may or may not be texting while driving or farding in their cars, has a more serious corollary:

If you're at war, fight like it.

Clearly, President Trump grasps this as Obama did not. Dropping the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (a.k.a. "Mother Of All Bombs") on ISIS in Afghanistan achieved more in one earth-shattering kaboom than all of Obama's sternly-worded hashtags and invisible-ink "red lines" throughout his eight years in office.

Leftist academics who think they know more about smart diplomacy than Theodore Roosevelt did, would have been the death of civilization if we had let them have their way for much longer.


  1. One thing you were fortunate to miss on Twitter was someone's map of Manhattan, embellished with a circle to indicate the area that would be affected by MOAB. It apparently didn't occur to the perpetrator that if you polled the population on where they'd like to see a bomb dropped, midtown Manhattan would finish high.

  2. Especially if those responsible for letting Iran and the Norks gate-crash the Nuclear Club were chained down at the epicenter.