Thursday, April 13, 2017


Mmmmm.... Bacon....

But no, that's not what the headline means.

Back when I quit Twitter, I anticipated withdrawal pains -- and I believed I might still need to follow certain accounts for severe weather information, etc. So I didn't go cold turkey.

I didn't follow anyone who would know me, and I plainly stated in my profile that followers would be blocked. I changed my handle and avatar a couple of times. Eventually I found that without interaction Twitter held no interest for me, and Twitter being the way it is no one needs an account to check the weather or emergency services accounts. In fact I had already deleted the withdrawal account by the time of last week's tornado warning.

And I just realized today, more so even than last week, that I don't even miss it. Twitter truly is now as dead to me as Facebook has been for lo these many years.

I do still regret that Pitchengine Streams has gone belly up, the last post to be found there is ten days old. I hope it wasn't my Zuckerberg lawsuit joke...

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