Tuesday, March 21, 2017

That Would Make a Good Opening Line to a Country Song

I am, as promised, reading the new C.J. Box novel, Vicious Circle, and in it April -- adopted middle daughter of Joe and Marybeth Pickett -- says, "I might have had my fill of rodeo cowboys."

In the days when country music still went by "country and western," there would have been dozens of female singers who could have sung that line and a whole song flowing naturally from it.

Maybe there are now, but who today could get away with writing it just like that? In a song destined for radio, I mean.

In a way it's good, I guess, that music has so many more ways to find an audience than a big-label recording contract. I just wish I knew where to find new music in the classic, mid-20th-century country-and-western style.

Now that I have room on my phone for actual new music...

Anyway, back to my reading.

Update: Also as promised, I finished the book before sundown. Now I have to wait until next March 21 for the next book

'Nother update: Now that I have room on my phone for actual new music, I'm no longer using my phone to stream music over Bluetooth in my car.

Okay, that's a lie. I actually quit 'Toothing music in my car long ago. It requires using the music app on my phone, which I have to wear my reading glasses to work with -- whenever I get into my car, and again when I get out, but not in between because I can't drive with them on. And since I will not 'Tooth music on my phone on battery power, and since the charge cable for this phone isn't compatible with the USB port in the car...

You see where that's going.

So for fun I tried copying my music library -- 1,300-plus tracks -- onto an 8GB thumb drive and plugging it into said USB port. I had to select it as the media source, but then it was off to the concert.

I've since reformatted a thumb drive containing a 128GB microSD card (the sound system's OS is by Microsoft, so it needs FAT32 rather than NTFS or whatever) and successfully played the music off that. And this means I can collect more music to play in my car than my phone could hold.

Which at the moment means amassing about 120GB of additional music.

Betcha I could. I probably won't, but betcha I could.

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