Thursday, March 30, 2017

If You're Ever Thinking of Registering Your Web Domain with Google Domains...


Update, hours later: Turns out -- and they don't bother to tell anybody this -- the screens for transferring a domain from one Google account to another only work if you're using Google Chrome.

So, I finally managed to get the domain transferred to my non-G Suite account, the one I have to use for my Project Fi phone account. The sacrifices have left me thinking I should limit my media purchases to Amazon, since any such I made on the G Suite (formerly Google Apps) account will be lost -- except music, which I can download -- when I let it die upon expiration of the most recent renewal.

Then again, I have no expectation of creating any more Google accounts. Maybe that'll make a difference.

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  1. I have in fact found that, while Google-bought music can't be downloaded as regular .mp3 files to my devices -- I have to download them instead to my laptop -- Amazon-bought music will download as files to my phone and tablet, so I can manage them without going into my lair and logging in to Linux Mint.

    And with the autosync apps, downloading the files to a mobile device also backs them up to my cloud storage, my laptop, and the other mobile device.

    Doesn't help with the books though.