Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thank God for Prayers which I mean, "...for people who pray." The radical Left knows just how many He has made, and that fact haunts their nightmares. But it's not the (only) reason I'm grateful.

Mrs. McG came through her surgery yesterday and is recovering today from an hours-long ordeal, well into the night, that would make a character from Lord of the Rings pale in terror. It's one thing to have those kinds of things done to you by orcs trying to kill you, but by healers? People who are on your side? And then you have to live through it???

But she's awake and able to move around her room in ICU, and in good spirits even without considering what an invasive procedure a quadruple bypass still is in this day and age of laparoscopy and laser surgery and microsurgery and robotics and so on.

And full recovery isn't going to happen overnight. Or even overfortnight.

But I still have her, and for that I cannot be thankful enough.


  1. (oops) I think that what that person above would've wanted to say was "Thank God for this blessing, and for Mrs. McG's continued recovery and improving health.... but I don't know him, and so--

    God has blessed both of us with strong wives, for He knew what we both needed;
    patience and understanding and patience. We're so glad that you caught the problem in time for healers to help..

    Ya'll take good care~!

  2. Well said, Mr. Malcontent, sir.