Friday, February 17, 2017

Green Eggs and...

...ham. Minus the green eggs.

Just renewed my amateur radio license online and was surprised to not be asked for payment information. Of course, ham licenses are valid for ten years so either of two things could explain it:

1. It's always been free to renew, and I just don't remember because I last renewed it while George W. Bush was still president, or

2. The rules have changed and the FCC doesn't charge for it anymore.

A third possibility, that I screwed up somehow and that's why I didn't get charged, would seem to be ruled out because the words "no fee required" were plainly legible on the screen before I clicked submit.

But who knows, in government all things are screw-up-able. I'll believe it went through when my renewed license document arrives in the mail.

Update, Saturday morning: the FCC license search shows the renewal has taken effect; I'm good until 2027. And the updated license document is a PDF file and I already have it.

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