Friday, February 24, 2017

"Bother," said McG

...and deleted his Twitter account.

And no, I'm not moving over to

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  1. Going to miss you. I can't say I blame you though, Twitter is a pile. Iowahawk left too, but he keeps coming back briefly trying to solicit 1 Million buckaroonies to stay. (A reverse of his previous $1 million to leave forever proposal.)

    I'm getting tired of being put on 12 hour "followers only" for quoting an obscenity from Sarah Silverman in a response to her.

    I'm also tired of seeing a cool post with 16 responses and I can only see six of them because Twitter has a lycra Superman costume on and is running around saving people and spitting and making a SWWOOOSSHSHSH noise to simulate flying sounds.

    Good to hear Mrs. McG is doing well.