Saturday, January 21, 2017

That Was Her Q

The eldest of our cats, Suzie Q, was released from her failing body this afternoon at the presumed age of 17. She had been fighting persistently against an upper respiratory infection but in the end its persistence was greater.

She came to live with Mrs. McG and me after the Mrs. encountered her living as a stray near the motel she stayed at on a work trip in central Georgia. Examination by the vet around that time revealed that she had a small number of birdshot pellets embedded in her body, but otherwise she seemed to be doing fine.

She was almost certainly the runt of her litter but her poise and her will to live made her the grand lady of our mini-menagerie from the day she joined it.

She is missed.

Update, Sunday -- Here is what Mrs. McG wrote on Facebook:

We had to say goodbye to our beloved calico girl Suzie-Q yesterday. I found Suzie in August 2000 at a motel in Perry, GA. She was half-grown, half-starved, and as it turned out, abused (x-rays showed 5 shotgun pellets lodged in her body.) I shared my dinner with her, then sat outside my room while she loved up on me for an hour and a half. I hated leaving her there, but it was a week-long business trip.

After I got home I couldn't stop thinking about her, and finally drove back down there to get her. I call her my "gateway calico" because 1) she gave me a new appreciation for the beauty of calicos and 2) I actually got wonky on the subject and read an entire book on calico genetics -- why the vast majority of them are female, etc. Fascinating stuff.

Over time, she went from being incredibly skittish to flopping out on the bed for a belly rub, purring madly. She was definitely the princess type, with strong opinions on what would and would not suit her, thank you very much!

This is one of my favorite pictures of her, going bonkers over my bandana after six weeks of good food and love had filled her out nicely. I hope the 16 years we spent together helped make up for the earlier hardships. Enjoy Rainbow Bridge, little girl. Love you.

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