Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One Meme to Rule Them All

Pretty much everything the elite Left -- activist groups, media outlets, etc. -- have said or done since early November has boiled down to one thing:

I mean seriously, if they were setting out on purpose to discredit themselves with mainstream Americans and ensure that political candidates they endorse never win another election (outside of California), what would they be doing different?

At this rate, by 2024 the two major parties will be different wings of what is now the Republican Party -- Trumpian populists on one side of the aisle, equality-before-the-law constitutionalists on the other. With a few congressional seats way up in a back corner occupied by Democrats who have to be frisked for stink bombs and Ziploc® bags full of urine or feces before being allowed in the chamber.

In recent years we've seen Democrats flee the Texas legislature to try to block enactment of a congressional redistricting map, and the Wisconsin legislature seeking to block major public employment reforms. Both groups left the state to avoid being brought back by their respective state police agencies. Where will Pelosi and Schumer lead their caucuses to avoid quorum calls? Mexico? Cuba?

Wherever they go, do they have to be allowed back?

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