Friday, January 20, 2017

Obama's Future

My reply to Local Malcontent's comment on the previous post got me to thinking about what we can expect of the next four years.
"Unfortunately the unhinged Left always makes it damn near impossible not to fall into knee-jerk defense mode."
There is a key difference in the upcoming Trump presidency though, in that the 45th President-to-be so far hasn't really needed defending -- which is good for him because he has caused a lot of us not to want to defend him.

Part of Trump's armor is simply his own willingness to respond to criticism in his patented manner -- a trait that, while embarrassing many Republicans, also has the effect of treating his Leftist critics as the unhinged crybabies they've always been. And this causes them to behave more and more like unhinged crybabies.

But there's another asset Trump has that he had no particular hand in creating: his predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama.

In his effort to denormalize gun ownership, Obama has caused more guns to be sold in America these last eight years than any other President.

In his effort to finally bring to fruition dreams of a permanent Democrat majority, he has relegated his party to the fringes of the country both ideologically and geographically.

In his effort to help inoculate Hillary Clinton against the electoral consequences of her scandals, he created an enduring narrative of her as corrupt, petty and incompetent, leading to her defeat by the least electable Republican nominee since Alf Landon.

And he says he isn't going away, at least not for long.

If he continues to speak out in his post-presidency, Barack Obama will remain the public face of his party, preventing any future Democrat prospect from assuming a credible leadership role. Remember when I cursed him by wishing him a long, healthy life after leaving the White House?

This suggests that Republican onlookers may very well emerge as Trump's most authoritative and effective critics, an eventuality that bodes well for his presidency, the party, conservatives, and the country.

Sometimes God gives us what we pray for by giving us the opposite of what we thought we were praying for. Then it's up to us to deal with it and make it turn out right.

That's what 2016 appears to have been.

Update, after DNC Chair election: Drudge's link to this item reads, "Still Obama's Party". He's not wrong.

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  1. You make so many good points here, both regarding Zerobama's lasting fingerprints on the fractured, regional Democratic party, as well as the force of the Conservative populace upon our brand new President Trump-- but the one I liked most was what you said "Sometimes God gives us what we pray for by giving us the opposite of what we thought we were praying for. Then it's up to us to deal with it and make it turn out right."

    That hits home to an awakening Christian majority here in 'Merica.
    I don't know for sure, but I'm feeling the beginning of re-asserting of principles of simple, common decency; call it Christian-motivated or common sense governance,
    either way It Is Palpable. Growing.

    I would simply add to your splendid post here, one point which is overlooked easily by the MSM, political pundits and us bloggers alike-- and that is,
    simply Donald Trump is NOT like any other person who has achieved the US Presidency before, his style is unfamiliar, unexpected, and unanticipated.
    As long as it works for Making America Great Again, as well as thwart the MSM
    to death, it's a good thang!