Thursday, January 26, 2017

More than likely...

...Mrs. McG's recently discovered coronary health issue takes Montana off the table. Follow-up care would likely keep us tied to the care provider here in metro Atlanta at a time when a possible move would be taking place.

Update, Saturday evening: After three days spent waiting for a bed to open at the hospital in Atlanta where her bypass surgery will be performed, Mrs. McG was finally transferred last night, and the procedure -- initially meant for last Thursday (the 26th), had a bed been available -- is now planned for this Tuesday.

Turns out even with a bed available right away in Atlanta she wouldn't have been able to have the operation until Tuesday, because she'd been taking Omega-3 fish oil, which cardiac surgeons want fully cleansed from the body before they incise. And the doctors only found out about the fish oil today, because none of us knew it was relevant.

Anyway, the Mrs. is doing well in the meantime and is in good spirits now that we've all had time to process the diagnosis. Her father had a multiple bypass almost 30 years ago and is going strong in his early-to-mid-70s today. He rued that his daughter got "those genes," but I think she inherited a Timex ticker.

When I was little, a heart attack was the popular standard for seriousness. While it still is a grave matter, the advancements in heart health and care in my lifetime have been incredible. You can complain about the evolutionary consequences all you like, and I'll understand, but we all want Darwin to make exceptions for our loved ones.


  1. Leticia's and my prayers are with your lovely Mrs. McG tonight, friend, for her very successful surgery tomorrow.

  2. Thank you both. The surgery -- a moving target this whole week -- was at last word expected to be Wednesday.

    It would almost be funny if gets moved back just one more day, to February 2. Almost.