Tuesday, January 3, 2017

He's Too Much

It remains to be seen whether his hothead of a brother lets it happen, but Snow Miser may be taking aim on this part of subtropical west Georgia this weekend.

I've little doubt about the temperatures -- I've seen cold here that I never saw in three decades in Sacramento -- what's in question is the moisture.

In fact it's the greater chance of moisture here in the South that has made snow so much likelier here than in Sacramento. Despite being so close to the Pacific Ocean, the Sacramento Valley tends to be much drier than here for a couple of reasons: the Coast Range, a modest barrier but a barrier nonetheless; and the cold waters of the California Current as it passes southward along the northern California coast.

Cold water doesn't saturate the air as effectively as warm water such as is found to Georgia's south and east. Though thousands of miles apart, the Gulf of Mexico (Heat Miser) and the Canadian Arctic (Snow Miser) often cooperate to bring frozen precipitation to Hotlanta and environs.

Here's hoping they will this weekend.

Update: All we got was a light coating of ice on trees. No significant damage here but a few hundred lost power elsewhere in the county.

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