Friday, December 9, 2016

Please, Ms. Postmaster

When Mrs. McG and I moved in at these home acres, it was not the first time we'd had a mailbox beyond the end of our driveway. Our home of four years in the outskirts of North Pole, Alaska received its mail at a mailbox cluster around the corner. But traffic on our "street" and the cross "street" the mailboxes were on, was never particularly active.

Here our mailbox, though merely across the road, is across a road that is an increasingly busy (and speedy) commute corridor -- and one that the county will be promoting as such in the coming years, although hopefully not until we've moved out west.

We and our same-side neighbors have petitioned the local postmaster to have our mail route adjusted so that we can move our mailboxes onto our own side of the road. I don't know how long it will take but having the postmaster in our corner don't hurt.

Our neighbors had seen a lot of accidents on this stretch of road even before we'd moved in, and we seem to be the only ones who haven't yet needed to replace a mailbox. Though our mailbox could sure use replacing just from ordinary wear and tear. Getting the go-ahead to have it on our own side of the road is as good an excuse as any.

Even if (see previous entry) we're only able to use the replacement box for a few months, it'll be good to leave things safer for whoever lives here next.

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