Wednesday, December 28, 2016

If the Montana Move Happens...

There are little "casinos" all over the place out there.

To my knowledge they don't have any big resort casinos, just little places that frequently have gas pumps out front. And it seems almost every place with gas pumps out front has gambling on the premises. It's like Nevada would be if Bugsy Siegel had never been to Vegas.

Mrs. McG and I have enjoyed a sojourn or two at the slot machines in our day, and we have a system: we decide before we go in what's the most we'll play during our visit. In the long past when I lived in Sacramento and work sometimes took me over the mountains to Reno or some such place, I could limit myself to a half-roll of quarters because the time would be limited between finishing the job and having to head for home. It helped that I was satisfied with single-coin plays.

Once in Carson City I was not far into my playable funds (a whole roll of quarters!) when I hit a couple of really good wins. I took enough out of the winnings to replace what I'd initially staked myself, and spent the rest of my time there risking the house's money instead of my own. And I ended up taking some of it with me.

Obviously the convenience of dropping coin at a Montana "casino" carries some additional risk. You really can't have fun at it if you only play however many quarters you got in change for your store purchases, but if you run through five extra bucks every time you stop for gas it's going to add up fast -- even if your car gets really good mileage.

It would be an interesting challenge to work out a viable adjustment to my system, though.

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