Friday, December 30, 2016

If the First Rule of Holes... to stop digging, does that mean the first rule of postholes is to stop posting?

One of the neighbors who will also benefit from the mailbox moving project volunteered himself and his son to dig the postholes for three new mailbox posts -- for his place, us, and the neighbors in between -- and now all I need to do is set the new post, pour in the Quikrete, add water, and hope the stuff sets before it starts raining tomorrow.

We still haven't been given a date for when the new mail delivery route goes into effect, but that's supposed to be the only remaining formality.

While it did take some time for the request to reach the postmaster in charge of our area, once she got the request she responded with alacrity. It's a common jape that the U.S. Postal Service has two speeds, neither of which is Fast, but on this occasion at least it's far from accurate.

Update, a few hours later: The post seems pretty well set but I'll give it some more time, probably until morning, before covering the concrete with dirt.

The hole originally was a few inches too deep, compared to the old box across the road, so I grabbed a spare rock and dropped it into the hole. That boosted the post just enough to put the bottom of the new box's mail slot at exactly the same height as on the old box, and the mix braced the post just fine all by itself.

I'll wait to mount the box until it's almost time for the route change. It's already got nice big reflective numbers on both sides, which will make the numbers on the cheapo wooden posts I pounded in a few years ago superfluous. They're already trying to peel off anyway.


  1. Mounted the box on the post Sunday. Now I'm itching to take down the old box across the road.

  2. Just got word from the postmaster, the rickety old mailbox can come down weekend after next. To quote Mrs. McG, "Whoohoo!!!"