Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ten More Episodes

I wrote here about the relative merits of C.J. Box's Joe Pickett and Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire. Of necessity I also referred to differences between the Longmire in Johnson's books versus the one on the TV series.

Now that the expiration date seems to have been set for the series, I suppose it's time I said how disappointed I've been with the TV Walt since "Longmire" became a Netflix show after its cancellation by A&E after its third season.

The Walt Longmire portrayed on television became far more paranoid and vindictive in the fifth season than ever before. Even though it's entirely possible his suspicions about Jacob Nighthorse (a character created solely for the series) are correct, the lack of confidence in himself, his daughter and his best friend seen in the last ten episodes seems totally out of character even for the TV version, which was never as secure about the people around him as Johnson's original.

I can only hope the producers will use the upcoming last ten episodes to put their show's lead character back on an even keel. The long waits between new Longmire books will mean the Walt they show us at the end of Season 6 will be in our minds for a long time before Craig Johnson can cleanse the taste from our palates.

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