Monday, November 21, 2016

It Was Nothing Personal

Eight years ago or so, I placed a curse on then-President-Elect Barack Obama -- as I've mentioned in the past year.

The curse was that Obama should suffer a long post-presidential retirement knowing his presidency had been a failure. Judging by what I've been reading, the only part of the curse yet to play out is his living to a vast age.

I'm loath to amend it so that he never sees another black POTUS, though I was born into a Catholic family during the tenure of America' first Catholic president, and there hasn't been a second one yet. Maybe one reason Hillary lost this election was so that the first female POTUS wouldn't sour the nation on electing another one for half a century or more.

Before 2008 I was convinced the first black president would be a Republican. I soon amended that to the first successful black president. At the rate the Democratic Party has gone, that could be a tautology -- as long as our first orangutan president doesn't ruin the GOP.

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