Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Okay, I've Voted. Now All o' Y'all Just Shut Up!

Yesterday was the start of early voting here in Georgia, so Mrs. McG and I swung by the newer of the two early-voting sites in Coweta County to have our say.

In principle, early voting is described as a bad thing because it encourages people to vote before having the chance to learn all there is to know about a candidate or ballot question. In practice, it dissipates the impact of "October Surprise" gotcha revelations about a candidate or ballot question -- which in my mind isn't a bad thing. Eliminating the incentive to play endgame gotcha tricks on the electorate changes the tenor and rhythm of campaigns, and really the only ones with reason to complain are those who rely on such tricks.

In 2016 there are no negatives about either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton that I needed to wait to hear. Both are unfit for the presidency and therefore both must be rejected.

Contrary to my preference I also voted dutifully for Republicans down-ballot, even where the only other line for that office was for a write-in vote. Given that Hillary Clinton is almost certain to win, she needs to be confronted with a Congress that is at least nominally opposed to her agenda. Having Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and Dick Durbin or some such as Senate Majority Leader would mean fast-tracking Hillary's every whim -- whereas Ryan and McConnell will only fast-track 90% of them.

It's unfortunate that the alternative is Hillary's every whim coming from a Trump Administration, where a GOP Congress would feel compelled to fast-track all of it.

I despise "losing more slowly," but thanks to the know-nothings who took over the GOP nomination process, and the stand-for-nothings who couldn't pander to them fast enough, losing more slowly is our only option. If these were people capable of planning a dumpster fire I'd almost think they were in on it.

I hold out no hope for reform in the GOP. Until rank-and-file voters get the hint once and for all and abandon the elephant, I cannot imagine our politics getting any better.

Trying to win our needed victories in the political realm is like trying to win a small-claims lawsuit in the Supreme Court. Stop, already.

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