Tuesday, October 11, 2016

E Minus 28

I live in Georgia, which Trump will almost certainly win. As I've said before in this and previous election years, if the Republican nominee can't win Georgia without my one vote, he's got bigger worries than my one vote.

I think the question is not which candidate will surpass 270 -- if either one does, it will be Hillary Clinton -- but whether she will make it past 300. In my opinion the narrower the margin the better, regardless of who wins.

I am profoundly dissatisfied with my choices for U.S. House and Senate, but again this is Georgia, and the House district is one of the reddest in the state. Squishy Johnny Isakson will go back for another term in Mush McConnell's Senate, and cronyist Drew Ferguson will succeed retiring coulda-been-a-contender-for-Speaker Lynn Westmoreland.

In this, the most disheartening election cycle of my lifetime, I will make a point of casting a ballot. With middle finger raised against those who made it that way.

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