Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Twelve Years Ago, the DMV...

Back in 2004 I bought the second of my two Ford Broncos -- the one I traded to a rent-a-car outfit in 2013 for The Hippo -- and set about arranging to get tags, insurance and title.

I got tags and insurance okay, but for the heinous crime of putting the correct odometer reading on the title application I was told to get the seller's notarized signature attesting that the odometer figure I had entered was correct. Once I had persuaded the seller to meet with me for that and submitted the paperwork, the DMV (or whatever it was called then; its name has changed since) told me to find the person who sold it to the seller and get their notarized signature.

As you might imagine, I told them no. I also told my state senator and state representative. And the governor. In the end it was the letter I'd sent the governor that won that battle for me. I got my title without any further field trips.

Flash forward to 2016, when the county water agency replaced the water meter here at the home acres. Two months later our new high-tech water meter began showing such spikes in the flow rate that a water agency technician brought a notice to our door about it, and upon further investigation our best suggestion from the agency was to check around the house for leaking faucets or toilets.

Right at the beginning I told them we had no leaks that would explain these spikes, and pointed out the apparent coincidence of their leak report coming so soon after a new meter was installed. The response was that no, if that were the cause it would not have taken two months for the leak to appear, nor would it happen in spikes as the meter was showing.

When after some weeks of this I finally photographed water running across the edge of our front field and into the ditch, it having risen right at the meter, they finally sent a technician to check it out.

He tightened a nut near the meter -- apparently left slack during the installation months previous -- and fixed the leak. And we're getting almost our entire current water bill credited back to us.

When will these government agencies learn not to mess with me?

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