Friday, September 23, 2016

Ends and Odds, 5

Fall is finally here, which in this part of the world means a heat wave in the next three or four weeks.

Mrs. McG got her first single-line AT&T bill, and it's not as small as either of us hoped. The fact her base rate is so much higher than mine must inflate the taxes, fees, assessments and surcharges proportionally higher.

Meanwhile I've taken to keeping cell data turned off on my phone, except as needed. I expect to save some 40¢ or more over last month -- and even more next month since I won't be waiting ten days or so to start this practice.

For some reason certain local drug stores started getting single-serving bags of Salsa Verde Doritos in the last few weeks, an availability that is almost unprecedented hereabouts. Once, years ago, I found them in full-size bags at Walmart but they weren't replenished the next time I went looking for them.

Well, the full-size bags are at Walmart now too -- or at least at the one Mrs. McG visited yesterday. I'm hoping this keeps up, and to encourage the stores in question I intend to keep buying whenever and wherever I find either size, whether or not I'm already stocked up.

After last season I would have expected Mississippi State's football team to be embarked on a winning season while the University of Wyoming struggled. The opposite has so far proven to be the case, with the Bulldogs 1-2 and their game tomorrow against Massachusetts not being carried on any cable channel we get.

Wyoming, on the other hand, is 2-1 and their game tonight against Eastern Michigan is on our TV lineup. I hope they do as well tonight as they have against everyone except Nebraska.

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