Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I Ain't Mowin' That Either

My previous choice for a banner pic didn't make autumn come early, so I've changed it now to a view of Red Canyon, south of Lander, Wyoming.

This image was taken just minutes before I posted this, (see update) via a recently placed Wyoming DOT webcam along State Route 28 in the foothills of the southern end of the Wind River Mountains. This view is a popular picture-taking spot; it's probably inevitable the highway department would find a way to get its own snapshots -- every few minutes.

Not seen on any of the WyDOT views is a suspicious piece of apparent wreckage on the slope below the highway, what looked to Mrs. McG and me last month like a mangled, rusting vehicle. I saw some spots along the slope where it might have tumbled as it fell, and they didn't look very old.

This might also have contributed to the state's decision to put cameras on this spot, to help DOT administrators spot weather conditions that would call on them to use the variable speed-limit signs posted in this vicinity.

Anyway, I'm considering updating the banner periodically as the seasons progress. I seem to recall seeing one pic taken of this scene during the winter after a snowstorm. That would be worth capturing.

Update, next day: Better quality pic on the webcam this morning, so I've updated already.

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