Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Nearly eleven months after it went on my to-do list, it's finally done: we've gotten our stuff cleared out of the rented storage unit and shelved in our own storage shed on the home acres.

We gave up on finding the time (and energy) to put the shelving together ourselves before calling in a moving crew, and arranged to have the movers do the construction as part of the move.

That was the biggest remaining item on our list of chores, and represents the end of a sizable recurring expense -- since those storage units don't come cheap. At last the shed is serving its intended purpose. Calloo, callay!


  1. Congrats - My parents just accomplished the same feat. Glad to miss the monthly. I check your blog occasionally - led to it via PW. Cannot at this moment remember your screen name there, sorry ... it'll come to me anytime now. I lurked on PW allthetime, especially when Jeff posted. Dicentra and Karl I liked as well. Q: PW is down. Still. Does Jeff have the site archived? Lot of material there.
    Fun fact : I'm in Missouri; don't have to vote for Lord Mud Pant either!
    Love ya - and just now I remembered your screen name, McGee (McGhee?)- Mike Dee

  2. I think Pixy Misa would know if there are any surviving PW archives, unless Jeff was downloading backups. I don't know why the site hasn't been brought back up, though Jeff was spending a lot for it despite no longer wanting to blog. He may have decided against recovering it.

  3. Unfamiliar with Pixy am I, but thanks for the thought. It might be that he'd place the archives somewhere; perhaps he'd tweet the news.
    If so, you'd put the link on your blog, I think.
    Good luck out there. Mike D.