Thursday, July 14, 2016

Whose Party Is It Anyway?

Whether the delegates mutiny next week or behave like the docile livestock Loser Trump demands, will determine the answer to that question.

Meanwhile the only party with actual Republicans on its ticket is the Libertarian -- and they're libertarians like Joseph Goebbels was a B'nai B'rith supporter.

I hold out no hope for the convention outcome in Cleveland. The Retrumplicans are now proud to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Idiocrats. To Cleveland with them both.

Update, July 15: We didn't have to wait until next week to determine that the GOP still belongs to the GOP Establishment which, having dissolved its base and elected another, quashed any hope of the convention's Rules Committee allowing a floor vote on whether delegates bound to Loser Trump could vote their consciences in the first round. Conscience is against their religion.

If they were trying to put Hillary Clinton in the White House I cannot imagine what they would be doing different. It used to be that fundraising off Democrat rule was GOPe's Plan B. Now it's Plan A.

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