Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Key Word Was "Such"

The last line of this post might have misled those who parse language sloppily.

The laying of curses is a purely rhetorical exercise. No actual attempt is made to ensure the desired fate occurs -- at least, not by the person laying the curse. All he is doing is inviting the universe to right itself slightly by imposing an outcome on the cursed, entirely independent of human agency.

The universe, of course, keeps its own counsel on how it will right itself, or whether it will. And with seven billion people casually cursing one another on a daily basis it may be hard for it to keep track. Especially if the curses are received and stored on an unsecured private server in somebody's bathroom (with or without a leopard to beware of).

All that being said, while I have reasons enough to think Mike Pence is an untrustworthy POS, I could see myself voting, this November, for a presidential ticket where he occupied the top spot.

Because your run-of-the-mill untrustworthy POS is neither a flatulent orangutan nor an unindicted serial felon. In 2016 we're all lowering our expectations.

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