Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's Tempting, Though It Wouldn't Stop Trump

First, see this and subsequent tweets (just scroll down).

Now, one option is to write in my most preferred candidate -- assuming Georgia's voting machines provide the option. I suspect they won't.

Next is to vote for a ticket that's on the ballot that's most closely aligned with my views. There really isn't any such ticket, especially if the Constitution Party's effort fails.

Finally, there's strategic voting, which depends for its effectiveness on everyone else who dislikes the felon and the orangutan voting the same way -- or at least, enough of them.

The idea is to deny either ticket the required 270 Electoral Votes, which would throw the election to the House. Which will put Trump in the White House, unfortunately. But...

It would be the Beltway GOP establishment's fingerprints all over that outcome, not the voters'; the fact Trump couldn't win at the ballot box would be obvious to everyone. Maybe, just maybe, it would abash the Beltwayites to have to drag the orangutan across the finish line in front of the disapproving eyes of the Lamestream Media. Much would depend on how many normally red states rejected the Trump ticket because of these protest votes.

This is why today on Twitter, I endorsed the looney-tunes "Libertarian" ticket.
It may be as bad a ticket as the Idiocrats and the Retrumplicans have foisted on the country, but we wouldn't be trying to elect them -- and even if somehow we did, it still wouldn't be any worse than electing Trump or Clinton, while emphasizing the message to the GOPe even more.

I'm not saying this is what I'll do, but I'll be giving it some very serious thought over the next three and a half months. I'd suggest you do the same.

Update, the very next day: Damn. Between the revelations in the Wikileaks hack, and the implications that strengthen the claim of a Trump-Putin connection, I am now saying this is what I'll do. I'm even at the point where I actually would like to see the Johnson-Weld ticket win. At least the Libertarians appear to be controlled by Americans, rather than Iranians or Russians.

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