Saturday, July 16, 2016

I Ain't Mowin' That

While we were in Wyoming, Mrs. McG and I briefly considered making a day out of getting Idaho onto her life list. She's never been there, and for me it's been a solid 50 years; my brother and I along with Mom, her younger sister and a trio of cousins all traveled up from Los Angeles to Mom's birthplace in Montana to visit Nana, and our path took us through Las Vegas, a corner of Arizona, straight up through Utah, and across eastern Idaho.

As you might imagine, I don't remember much about the trip, having not yet started kindergarten...
Autumn in the Tetons

Anyway, we ran the numbers and judged that it would be a really long day getting there and back to where we were staying. An upside was that it would involve finally getting to see the Grand Tetons with our own eyes, rather than having to settle for pictures and video.

We decided not to wear ourselves out just for the chance to buy gas and use a restroom in the Gem State and turn right around and head back. Some other time, Tetons.

Meanwhile, the background image (since replaced, but preserved in this post, above) is of Grand Teton herself, fronted with aspens in their fall foliage and (I assume) Jackson Lake in the foreground. You should be able to make out the copyright watermark in the upper right; I found the picture in a Google image search for Wyoming aspens in the fall, shown first. Deserves it.

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