Thursday, June 9, 2016

Titled Mobility, 2

Or, "It Didn't Suck (In Fact I Liked It)"

The Mustache ardently recommends Carmax for all your used-car-buying needs. We've bought two vehicles from the Lithia Springs, Georgia location and been quite happy with both the experience and the vehicles.

And the advantage of dealing with Carmax over that place that lets you buy a car in your kimono is, you get to test-drive your vehicle before you hand over any money.

But what we did today was sell a car, The Hippo. This was the minivan my late mother-in-law got after she moved in with us -- though not from Carmax (that car-buying experience did kind of suck). But Marie was a conscientious car owner and she saw to the recurring maintenance like clockwork. Which is why the Carmax appraiser valued it at almost the maximum Kelley Blue Book number. That was what they offered, and that was what we walked out with.

We weren't at all sure what to expect when we drove up there, but the reality was far smoother and more satisfactory than the best we dared hoped for. So the Mustache also recommends Carmax for your car-selling needs, provided of course the car you want to sell is worth more than the duct tape holding it together.

Now our insurance costs will go down, we'll pay for fewer car tags each year, and it'll be up to someone else to get it smogged, now that it's old enough to need it.

It's a relief to once again not have more vehicles than we have drivers.

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  1. Where once a big minivan stood, visible through the same window where yesterday's whitetail was observed, now my rattly little utility trailer finds shelter under the side awning of our storage shed.

    I had to sweep at least a year's worth of dead leaves and pine needles off it for the move. But I also got some good (and much-needed) backing-up-with-a-trailer practice.