Saturday, May 28, 2016


Today or tomorrow, I find out whether the Libertarian Party nominee will be an option for my vote in November.

The frontrunners are:
Gary Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico who likes using taxpayer dollars to fund Genocide, Inc. (otherwise known as Planned Parenthood) and thinks it would be wonderful to force a Jewish baker to decorate a cake for Nazis.

John McAfee, best known for creating the antivirus software that bears his name and has become so bloated that it's second only to Norton in how quickly it gets uninstalled when I see it, and second best known for being a person of interest in his neighbor's murder and eventually getting so paranoid about the case that only the restraint of the Belizean police -- and his hasty flight to Guatemala -- prevented his compound from becoming a second Waco.

Austin Petersen, barely old enough to even run for president, but he says the right things about most of the issues and doesn't contradict himself four words later. In a few more years he could be a truly formidable, seasoned candidate and he's already the first prospective face of the Libertarian Party that doesn't seem to have mental or chemical (or both) issues. I have seen some reason to question his maturity though.
In a lot of ways Donald Trump's galloping dementia is simply a GOP version of the LP's longtime problem: you can only ignore the insanity so long before you have to decide whether to become complicit. Maybe the Republican Establishment's embrace of the ultimate #SyphiliticCamel is a good sign, that someday the Libertarians might find a home in the GOP's firetrap of a big tent.

Anyway, if either Johnson or McAfee gets the nomination, I'll probably have to vote for Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party nominee. As I've said before, I'm not so big on some of the so-con baggage they bring to the table, but at least they're not certifiably insane. That I've been able to detect.

I know nothing at all about Castle's background or character, but on the bright side he's almost certain not to get any Electoral Votes. So I've got that going for me.

Which is nice.

Update: It's Johnson. Now not only am I more democratic than the Democrats and more republican than the Republicans, I'm also more libertarian than the Libertarians.

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