Thursday, May 5, 2016

"Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys"

As of yesterday I am a paid member of the Libertarian Party of Georgia. While I am not in a position to influence, at this late date, the party's nomination for president, the presidential election quiz puts me at 84% agreement with the platform offered by Austin Petersen, who is currently running second to the profoundly unlibertarian former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson.

That's not as close a match as I had with Ted Cruz, but it'll do.

And anyone who wants to try to shame or <snicker> bully me into supporting Donald Trump in November might as well pound their heads against a wall. While I watch. And record for YouTube.

Update: And if Petersen loses out to Johnson at the convention later this month, recent court rulings suggest I may be able to vote for this ticket as a fallback. They're a little more social-con than I might be, but if I can't hope for fealty to the Constitution in the White House, fealty to an even higher power can't hurt.

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