Friday, May 6, 2016

Meanwhile, Back at the Circus

Georgia's congressional and legislative primary election is a couple of weeks away yet, and since my Boehner-era congressman has chosen not to seek re-election, my state senator is among those seeking to replace him.

I've liked him since he joined the state senate, and I'm satisfied that he's not a Trumpkin nor a GOPe toady -- on the latter, as far as can be determined about someone who's a member of a part-time body on the state level; becoming a full-time lawmaker in D.C. may change that. But, that's the chance you take, and it's why members of the U.S. House of Representatives face the voters every two years.

As Crane seeks to succeed Westmoreland in a year when his state senate seat is up for re-election, various characters are seeking to succeed Crane. One of these, Matt Brass, has served as Westmoreland's chief of staff. While I was disappointed that Westmoreland kept voting to keep Boehner as Speaker, by and large I thought he was one of the better members of the House. For most of his tenure he was the first, and so far only, congressman I've had that I ever actually approved of.

So Brass's association with Westmoreland doesn't automatically cross him off my list -- whereas his opponent has previously set off my Cheeto-dust detector. I may be wrong on both counts, but a GOPe toady in the part-time seat Crane is vacating is, like Crane himself, only a potential problem. In fact, the stakes are low enough that while I expect to vote for Brass in the primary I don't think I'd have any trouble voting for the other guy in November if Brass loses.

Our state representative, Lynn Smith, has been in the legislature too long already, but is unopposed for the Republican nomination. The odds of a Democrat winning in November in this district are about as good as the odds that Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from "The Simpsons" could win a write-in campaign for public office.

I'll have to write in a name, or skip that line altogether -- the outcome would be the same either way. Maybe I'll try Apu.

After that are judgeships and school board seats. At those levels I've tended to vote against incumbents when they have a challenger, just on general principles. There've been exceptions but not this year.

Two and a half weeks remain before the balloting, so it's possible at least one of my choices could change. Early-voting has already begun but I don't see a need to do that for these offices; our fire-station polling place isn't likely to be a madhouse for this as it was in November of 2012.

This November? We'll see. It's hard to imagine Trump vs. Clinton attracting a record turnout on either side.

Update: We also have a U.S. Senate seat up for election this year. I think I'll vote for Derrick Grayson. The incumbent, Johnny Isakson, is right out (though he'll probably win the primary outright).

I can see me casting a lot of write-in votes this November.

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