Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Georgia's Real Primary

Today Peach Staters pick their down-ballot nominees, and since it's a presidential election year the races are few. Georgia elects its statewide officeholders in off-year elections, as does my county for most of its countywide posts.

As discussed in a previous entry I have some idea who I'm voting for, but my county doesn't go out of its way to publish who's running for what. It gets printed in the paper, allegedly, but if you miss it in the paper you find out at the polls.

Normally I'm against coddling the disengaged, but the only thing I'm disengaged from here is the goddamn local newspaper; requiring me to pay for a subscription to know who's on my ballot could arguably be considered a poll tax. Other places publish updated candidate and ballot-question lists online. It should be a constitutional duty of every county board of elections or voter registrar.

Rashin' fashin' Rick Rastardly!

Update: Got it wrong about the countywide offices, they come up in presidential years -- but this year nearly all of them are uncontested. That's no excuse, though, for the county not being more proactive with the information, since there have been years where every incumbent had an opponent in the primary.

Update, Wednesday: The U.S. Senate nomination went as I expected, with the incumbent winning outright by a huge margin. Maybe in November I'll write in Zell Miller. The state senate nomination also got settled yesterday, with the candidate I voted for apparently unopposed in November.

There will be a runoff in July for the congressional nomination, so I just sent the candidate I voted for a few dollars to help with that.

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