Monday, April 18, 2016

Titled Mobility

Eight months from now, if we still own the 2013 Chrysler minivan I've taken to calling "The Hippo," we'll need to have it emissions-checked before renewing its tags. We don't want to do that, and with only two drivers in the household now, we don't need to.

We've been keeping the Hippo because the shed we had built on the home acres last year still hasn't been filled up with the stuff we've been keeping in a rented storage unit for the last few years. Neither of our other vehicles has the van's capacity to move large amounts of stuff in a single load.

But since the shed's completion we've had distractions, just one after another. The shelving is in the shed, but we haven't gotten around to putting it up.

One of Mrs. McG's co-workers has apparently expressed interest in the van, so a few days ago she suggested instead of making a project ourselves of hauling the stuff from storage, we hire one of these little "two guys and a truck" moving outfits to do it for us.

In the meantime we could be free of paying for insurance on a vehicle neither of us uses often enough to be worth it, and the carport space it's been occupying next to the shed could be just the spot for our utility trailer, which has been getting buried under pine needles and leaves in its present spot.

There's been an outstanding recall on the Hippo almost since we've had it; my late mother-in-law's attempt to have it dealt with last year didn't work out because the dealership didn't have the part, but we can afford to leave it there until it's done, which is what we'll do tomorrow. I just don't want to foist that issue on its new owners, whomever they might be.

It took us a couple of years to fill that storage rental. It would take at least all summer to empty it if we did it ourselves, even with the van. And that's after we've gotten the shelving set up.

I'm really glad she suggested hiring the move done instead.

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  1. I took the van in as planned, and told the service manager there was no deadline. To spite me, he made sure the job was finished that afternoon.

    I guess the automakers reimburse dealers pretty good for resolving recalls.