Saturday, April 23, 2016

Real Estate, 4

No new inquiries, but one of the three has repeated his. Much as I don't relish the idea of moving with so few more years before we would pull up stakes and move west, we may discover it's too good a chance to pass up -- and if it gets us to a place without highway frontage (however tertiary this highway may be at present) I suppose I could grin and bear it.

If we found a place we liked, and the sellers on one side and the buyer on the other were willing, maybe we could use the proceeds from selling these home acres to buy the new place.

Meanwhile we've been talking about taking a serious look around at our more futurely stomping grounds when we visit there this summer, to see what's available and what would be needed to build the house we want in the kind of location we want.

At present the more remote move is still more real than the purely speculative near(ish)-term one. We'll see how pushy these would-be buyers get.

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