Friday, April 8, 2016

Let the Devil Take Tomorrow

There are three aspects about this personal comfort crisis I'm going through, that I'm having to learn for myself.

One is that the rash, and the relatively shallow nerve pain associated with it, are easy enough to deal with, though the process is unpleasant. The ointment they prescribed is an anaesthetic that's very good at penetrating the skin and numbing for some ways down, right where you put it. When it wore off the first day I was using it, the returning skin-deep irritation was so far within my normal margin of discomfort that I didn't reapply it until bedtime.

But this thing isn't necessarily always limited to shallow nerves. And if the pain is down close to the big muscles in the hamstring chain, there is no sleep sound enough to stay closed over it.

So I move around and stretch out as best I can to work the knots out, and for a man of my age and weight class I'm finding I can make my hip and knee joints do things that could probably have gotten me a spot on Johnny Carson, back in the '70s or so. Not to brag, but even when I weighed near 400 pounds my range of movement was more limited by my clothing than anything else.

Which led me one night to wondering whether a dislocated hip could keep me in the hospital until this thing ran its course. At least Mrs. McG would sleep better.

Last night, between the ointment and a muscle relaxant scrip I still had from my first, misdiagnosed round, I managed to get the cramping under control pretty easily. But that bone-deep nerve pain is less tractable. I think I wound up just falling asleep for lack of any other strategy. I have a much higher pain threshold than a lot of people I know, but it's a skill rather than an inborn trait.

I can train myself for this, if it lasts long enough, but this far into an ordeal that is costing me so much sleep, the long term is not high on my list of priorities.

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  1. As of yesterday I'm not even using the ointment anymore. After enduring the other crap a shingles rash isn't worth noticing.