Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I Like Cheese

I can understand having doubts about an outcome on the pivotal day, but I have never grasped some people's reflex to embrace the truth of anomalous bad news -- especially if the source may be profoundly dishonest and deeply invested in a "FUD" strategy to dishearten its opposition.

Anyway, I was confident Ted Cruz would do well today in Wisconsin -- home state of my first choice for president this cycle, Scott Walker, who won three statewide elections in four years' time and endorsed Cruz a week before the primary. Walker was as much responsible for my confidence as Cruz was. Still, it was a stressful day waiting for results.

I can only hope the shine is finally off the Trump zeppelin now, and that Cruz arrives at the convention with the 1,237 or more delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. I believe much of the reason for Trump's early support was Democrats unhappy about their party's options between Bernie Sanders and Future Federal Prisoner Clinton, Hillary R. I think Democrat voters are unenthusiastic about their candidates, hoped to hijack the GOP, and if they fail will have no drive to prevent Republican victory in November.

Time will tell. I've been praying for Trump to collapse, and apparently so have others whose prayers He actually hears. I hope they continue to do. I certainly will.

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