Sunday, March 20, 2016

Until the Next Time

Far be it from me, after so many past resolutions and reversals, to tell you that I am done with Windows forever, but I've got Linux Mint running in dual-boot on my laptop now, and with one of my cloud storage accounts apparently mirroring successfully in the new environment I have some hope that I won't need to revert to Windows except for rare necessity.

It's clear that Windows has peaked and begun to decline as a usable operating system. I don't know that Mint is the path to the future in a time when the desktop environment itself has long since been pronounced doomed, but as long as there are things I can't do worth a damn in Android, I might as well do 'em in Linux.

If I can't promise this is the end of it, I can at least resolve to give it the ol' bunkhouse try.

Update: In fact, now I have both of my active cloud storage accounts synching in Linux, and no obvious reason to switch back over to Windows at all.

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